About Us

Security Vision Networks

secVision Networks is the security division of Independent Locksmiths & Security, a business that was established in 1973, and is one of Australia’s largest and most highly respected Commercial Locksmith Service Providers.  

The business employs 60 staff with their head office located in Sydney.  The team is experienced in the successful delivery of Service Level Agreements for an extensive client base.  The long-standing relationships with these clients is testament to the quality of the management expertise and operational capabilities.

For 15 years Independent Locksmiths & Security provided electronic security systems to the business community. We designed, installed, monitored and maintained security systems for the government, industrial and commercial markets.  We were early adopters of deploying security systems on an IP network.

After travelling the world to understand global trends in security Ryan McGovern, General Manager of Electronic Security, developed a suite of products that are at the leading edge of  technology. He decided to form a separate company and brand to communicate his passion for security systems on IP networks.

Security Vision Networks (secVision) was launched in 2017. Ray Murphy and Adam Farrugia joined the team as Business Developers and then the installation crew formed. We all share a passion for automation, machine to machine (M2M) communication and the Internet of Things (IoT).  We are now a managed service provider, specialising in security and IP networks.  We provide our clients with security systems tailored to their specific needs. The electronic security services we now offer secVision clients are:

secCloud managed security system

secWatch Virtual Guard Service

secKeyCloud electronic masterkeying

Virtual Pulse remote system monitoring