secWatch Virtual Guards give this trespasser a scare

secWatch Virtual Guards scare an intruder with an Audio Challenge.

This video footage shows our Virtual Guards scaring an intruder with an Audio Challenge.

secWatch CCTV cameras cover this clients construction site, particularly the site shed where building equipment is stored. Our mobile camera units have a built-in speaker and amplifier. An alarm is triggered when movement is detected. Then Virtual Guards at our Security Operations Centre take action immediately and issue a warning remotely. This can scare a trespasser and stop crime or avoid crime taking place altogether. Also, all incidents are recorded and the video footage can be provided to police if needed.

An added benefit to the reassurance of a Virtual Guard Service is that our clients can actually log on and view this footage.

secWatch uses cloud-based software and we give clients a log in so they view their site from anywhere, at any time.


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