Vital for remote access to a security system

secVision Networks can provide the telecommunications needed to ensure remote access to a security system is established. There are a several reasons why remote access to the security systems is required:

Remote access to streaming video

If you want to use your CCTV system in a proactive manner as a management tool and gain situational awareness of what is happening on site in real time, then fast upload speeds from site are essential to a good viewing experience.

Interactive video monitoring

Security Vision Networks offers Interactive Video Monitoring to receive alarms, view on site CCTV and issue audio challenges in real time. These services require a robust and fast internet connection.

Remote access for customer training and support

As part of our Guardian service plans we offer remote system support and training. We can access systems from the security operations centre to carry out maintenance or login to a client’s desktop and show them how to run a report or make changes to their system.

Remote device monitoring and management

We monitor everything with our Virtual Pulse service. Network devices are proactively monitored to ensure they are online and performing correctly.

Alarm signals

For an alarm system to raise an alarm it needs to be able to get the alarm out of the building and to the security operations centre for analysis, verification and response.

At Security Vision Networks we have partnered with Telstra to offer our clients access to the NextG network, Australia’s largest and fastest national mobile network.

We monitor all the SIM cards in our fleet every day to make sure the devices are in session and operational. We can see how much data each system has consumed and can work with our clients to manage the data plans and ensure there are no ‘bill shock’ issues at the end of the month.

We believe in the Internet of Things and machine to machine communication. We provide a turn-key solution including the telecommunications for a seamless managed service delivery of your security.

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