Virtual Guard Services
High definition CCTV

High Definition CCTV

High Definition CCTV gives you crisp sharp images that allows you to see much more detail from each camera. High definition cameras let you use less cameras to cover an area, saving you money on hardware costs and the images can be streamed to your phone, laptop, PC or back to the secVision Security Operations Centre.

Network video for new installations

High definition CCTV cameras can be installed using standard data network cables.

Upgrade existing systems

You can upgrade your old ‘standard definition’ CCTV system to a high definition system using the existing coaxial cables. This saves you money on running new cables and time as the system can be upgraded quickly.

Stream live video to your phone or laptop

CCTV should be used as a management tool to allow you to be able to see your premises in real time over the internet. You can gain situational awareness from any of your sites using a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

At Security Vision Networks we believe in enabling the client to get return on their CCTV system by streaming it to any device, anywhere. As part of the system commissioning you can have your devices set up by our technicians.


Stream live video to your phone or laptop

secWatch Solar CCTV System

A mobile, high definition CCTV camera, powered by solar panels

This system is “rapidly deployable” requiring no wiring or cabling, ensuring a quick installation. secWatch provides clients with local storage of up to 3 days video footage and can send time lapse high resolution images (FTP) to a clients website for viewing.

secWatch solar CCTV camera


  • High resolution camera up to 3 Megapixels
  • Pole mountable and powered by mains power (240v) or solar power
  • Waterproof, dustproof (IP66) & vandal proof lockable steel enclosure
  • 3 days of local video recording
  • Download recorded video footage using Wi-Fi
  • Live viewing of the video footage using a web browser – 4GB data plan included
  • Send images on a timed schedule via FTP to a website server every 15-30 minutes
  • 4G modem communication on Telstra network to send out images
  • Remote zoom and focus
  • High-gain antenna for improved 4G coverage


  • Keep an eye on your site from any web browser
  • Deter theft & vandalism
  • Check deliveries have arrived
  • Check the site is secure
  • Monitor workplace safety
  • No IT hassles
  • Make time lapse video production of historical images
  • Remote monitoring using an internet browser
  • Local recorded video footage for police investigation evidence
  • Local councils can monitor illegal dumping activities at suspicious sites
  • Turn-key solution that’s supplied & fitted, then decommissioned at the end of the hire period
  • Save time by not having to physically drive to site

secWatch CCTV Trailer

Protect your remote assets with the secWatch CCTV trailer
secWatch CCTV trailer
  • Solar powered secure unit with 3 x High Definition Megapixel bullet cameras and 1 x PTZ camera that you can control from your laptop or phone.
  • 4G industrial modem and connection to the Telstra Next G network means you can login and see what is happening on your site from anywhere, any time.
  • With a mast that goes up to 6.5m you will get a great view of your site.
  • The footage is recorded locally for more than 14 days and can be accessed using a smartphone, laptop or tablet.
  • This solution is ideal for Construction site security or Event surveillance.
  • For a fraction of the cost of a security guard you can have site surveillance that never sleeps.
  • We will deliver it to site, set it up, give you a login to the cameras and show you how to view footage on your devices.
  • The system can be set up as an alarm and can email images on an alarm event.